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We exist to encourage the game of squash at all levels in the York area, and to organise local leagues and tournaments. Our sister organisation runs the women's leagues, with most of the same clubs entering both men's and women's teams.

We also support junior squash, which is actively developed by several of our affiliated clubs.

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31 October 2015 ~ 0 Comments

York Vets and Vintage at Wigginton

Hi all

The York Vets (O40) and Vintage (O50) champs are to be held at Wigginton from Mon 23 Nov and Fri 27 November this year.

Please see the poster.

Entries direct to Nick Clifford please.

04 October 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Summer league results

Thank you all for playing this summer, I do hope you’ve all enjoyed keeping those muscles moving in preparation for the new season. Its been a challenging season, some fixtures not been fulfilled and there have been some injuries along the way. In the whole I know I’ve enjoyed it and I hope you have too. I do find this a lot harder than the winter leagues, matching players generally works, then again sometime no matter how hard you try it fails! Thank you all for your efforts.

With all that said its great we keep the the game so alive and active in the closed season. The Final was held on the 12th September at York Sports Club aka Clifton Park. A good spirited game between Dunnington (Matt) and RI-Rookies in the absence of Captain Rod (I hope you got a trophy Rod?).

The game ended 4-2 to Dunnington, and congratulation to Matt and team as winners this year. A sterling effort from RI Rookies and great accolade to both teams in winning their respective leagues. I did have the match scores somewhere, but lost them with all the excitement.

That’s all for this year, see you all over the winter season at some point.

Best regards

Andy Sewell


2015 Summer League Winners: Dunnington


20 June 2015 ~ 0 Comments

AGM 2015 minutes


AGM 2015

The minutes from the York & District Squash League AGM 2015 held May 20th are now available.

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27 May 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Pocklington are Riley Cup winners

Pocklington 1 beat RI 2 to win the Riley Cup at York Squash Club last Friday. The individual results were as below:

No 5 – Saw a strong start from RI’s Paul Benson who was a 3rd team reserve against Pock’s Mark Smales going into an 11-3 lead, only to be beaten 15-14. 2The nd game saw a reversal of this with Mark going into a 8-1 lead, finally winning 15-10. Everything was going quite evenly up to 6-6 in game 3, until Mark closed it out 15-9.
No 4 – This was probably the most evenly matched game with RI’s Luke Madge up against Pock’s Adam Hemmingway. Both players had similar styles, retrieving and moving well, and thee was little to split the pair.  

No 3 – RI’s reserve Brian McRobbie played his experienced tactical game against Pock’s Darren Eccles limiting him to 5, 6 and 11 points in the 3rd game as Darren tired.

No.2 – Saw RI’s Adam Benson up against Jerome Remblance. Adam played a very canny game knowing consolidation was required limiting the frustrated Jerome to 2, 6 and 8 points.

No.1 – Pock’s experienced Alastair Dick also knew what was required here against Dan Adams at 1 in the absence of John Henderson. Dan clawed back from 11-14 down to win the 1st 15-14. With Alastair not making the same mistake twice closing the 2nd out 15-10. Dan rallied in the 3rd as he knew he needed to winning 15-5 against a tiring Alastair. 

Handicapping this game was difficult with Pocklington at full strength and RI missing 3 team regulars, but Pocklington did win 5 games out of the 15. In the end the handicap was set at 65 giving Pocklington a winning margin of 15 points i.e. 1 point a game.

Thanks to the players, York for hosting and Brian Godson for ably handicapping the tournament throughout.  


26 April 2015 ~ 0 Comments

AGM on 20th May



The York and District Squash AGM will be held on Wednesday 20th May at 8:00pm at York Railway Institute.

It’s important that a representative from each club attend. In addition to presenting the trophies, we will discuss the organisation of the divisions for next year and propose rule changes (both to be shared in advance).


17 April 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Riley Cup draw: semi-finals

We are into the semi finals of the Riley Cup draw.

Please contact Brian Godson (brigodson@gmail.com or 07979 877194) if any queries.

18 February 2015 ~ 0 Comments

York Open draw

The draw for the Open and Vets is now available. The competition runs from Monday 23rd to Friday 27th Feb at York Squash Club.

04 June 2014 ~ 0 Comments

AGM on Monday 16th June


Please note that the York and District Squash AGM will be at York Sports Club on Monday 16th June at 7:30pm. Please email marc.thomas@yorksquash.co.uk if you have any substantial agenda items.

15 May 2014 ~ 0 Comments

York RI 1 retain Riley Cup

York RI 1 overcame a large handicap to retain the Riley Cup at York Squash Club last week. The holders defeated a valiant Selby 4/5. Dan Adams and Chris Rusling did much to help RI hold on to the Cup by only giving up 5 points, while Steve Thirwell was the star for Selby in taking 14 points off the classy Jamie Robinson (see the full scorecard and final draw).

Riley Cup final 2014

08 February 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Tom Bamford is York Open champion

Stillington player Tom Bamford is the new York Open champion, winning a long encounter with Ed Shannon (York University and Wigginton) 3-2 (6/9 4/9 9/0 9/7 9/3). The game was of the highest quality and Ed looked in control at 2 games up. However, Tom’s better fitness started to show and he won the third easily. The match looked to be Ed’s at 7-2 up in the fourth but, despite having 7 serves at that score, Ed couldn’t turn the winning rallies into points. Tom looked the much stronger of the pair in the last and was a deserving winner in the end.

In the Vets, Matthew Stephenson (Dunnington) beat James Rollinson (Railway Institute) 3-0.

Tom Howell of Stillington won the plate from club-compatriot Anthony Baines.

For the first time in many years, the ladies final was held on the same evening. Nicky Horn (York) convincingly beat Nat Cain (David Lloyd) 3-0.