1. The league will be known as the York and District Squash League (with, if applicable, provision for a sponsor’s name) and exists to organise competitive squash, and promote the game more generally, in the York area.
  2. Any club within approximately a 20-mile radius of York may apply to enter a team, at the discretion of the Committee.
  3. The League shall be administered by an organising Committee with a maximum of seven members, including the officers of Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. The committee will meet as required throughout the season, with four members constituting a quorum. Committee members are elected at the AGM. Nominations for the Committee must be received in writing before the AGM.
  4. The Committee will agree a set of League Rules, which will be confirmed by the AGM.
  5. A member club of the League is entitled to send two voting representatives (in addition to those of its members who may be serving on the Committee, who will also have voting rights on items other than election of officers) to the Annual General Meeting. The AGM shall normally be held before the end of June each year. Other individuals of member clubs may attend but not vote. Clubs applying to join the league may attend in a non-voting capacity.
  6. The business at the Annual General Meeting to include: (a) Secretary’s report; (b) statement of accounts; (c) election of officers; (d) other business as notified to the Secretary in advance.
  7. Changes to the Constitution or Rules will require a simple majority of those entitled to vote at the AGM.
  8. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called at the request of one third of the clubs of the League and any General Meeting may overrule a committee decision.
  9. The League may be dissolved by a resolution to that effect supported by at least three quarters of those entitled to vote at a General Meeting. Upon dissolution of the League, any assets remaining after discharge of all liabilities shall be transferred to the member clubs.

Updated: June 2011

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