Vets and Vintage Competition 2023


VETERAN (Over-40) & VINTAGE (Over-50)


Sat Mon 27th Nov to Sun 3rd Dec 2023

(In case of large entry – Prelim night Sun 26th Nov )

*Entry deadline Mon 20th Nov 2023

*Entrants must comply with entry age on the 27th Nov 2023

*Entry fee £5 – payable on first match night

To enter
*email- or text Nick Clifford 07791697266
(Please expect a confirmation of entry)
Please confirm-
* Name &/ date of birth & Club
* Veterans or Vintage Competition
** Please confirm if you are able to play Sun 26th Nov in event of prelim match being required
* email address for draw to be sent to

Proposed Schedule:
* Preliminary match night Sun 26th Nov
* First round Mon/Tue 27/28 Nov
* 1/4 Finals Wed 29th Nov * Semi Finals Fri 1st Dec * Finals Sun 3 Dec.

With this competition no one needs to be asked normally, but grab a marking sheet and help out whenever you can to make the competition run smoothly, there is limited flexibility in first round match (ie Mon or Tue).

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