Riley Cup 2020 – Draw

The Riley cup is going to be played through the second half of the season with a final in late spring.

All teams who have entered the Y&DSL have been automatically entered.

There will be a redraw of the knockout to avoid teams playing away every round.
Top (Odd number) team in the draw is the home side Home team to mark and provide balls.  No refreshments are expected after matches.

Format is the same as usual

5 person team playing 3 games PAR-15

Team points are cumulative and a bonus handicap added to the weaker team after the match has finished which will determine a winner.  If scores are equal, weaker team goes through.

Deadline for the 1st round matches is now end of Feb.
Please let Ian Ball know when a match has been arranged.

Handicap will be sent by SMS or similar on the evening of the match.

Find your team quickly by searching the page.
Home team to mark and provide balls. 

Ian Ball

Quarter Finals (Deadline April 5th)

1York 3v Stillington 1 (April 5th)
2David Lloyd 1v Scarborough 1
3York Uni Students 2 v York RI 3
4Wigginton 3v York 5
5Wigginton 6v KMS 2
6York Uni Students 1v Wigginton 2
7Dunnington 3v York RI 4
8(Wigginton 1 v [Dunnington 4 / York 7{March 18th}])v Stillington 2

1st Round (Deadline March 4th)

01 KMS 2 v Dunnington 1
02 York 5 v Stillington 5
03 Scarborough 1 v Pocklington 1
04 Stillington 1 v Malton 3
05 Stillington 2+3 (Capt J.Wright) v St Peters 1
06 Wigginton 4 v York Uni Students 2
07 York 3 v Dunnington 5
08 Wigginton 6 v York 6
09 York RI 4 v Dunnington 2
10 David Lloyd 1 v Malton 1
11 York 4 v Dunnington 3
12 Wigginton 2 v York RI 1
13 Wigginton 3 v Malton 2
14 York 1 v York Uni 1
15 Wigginton 1 v (Dunnington 4 / York 7)

16 York RI 3 v Selby 1

Preliminary Round

David Lloyd 2 v York 3
Dunnington 2 v York 2
Stillington 4+5 v Wigginton 1
Dunnington 4 v York 7
Wigginton 6 v Malton 2
Scarborough v TLD2
TLD3 v Wigginton 6
Wigginton 5 v Malton 2

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